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Mystical  Yoga centre India is a residential yoga school located in a safe and peaceful environment in khajuraho near the world famous Tantrik  kamasutra temples in Central India.The place has been charged by many yogi,yoginis,swamis,holy sadhus,spiritual seekers.tantriks who have been coming here since ancient times for yoga ,meditation and spiritual development.

This region known as Bundelkhand  and has given 3 world famous spiritual masters known as Osho, Maharishi  Mahesh Yogi and Ramprakash Sharma Yogi. Our yoga school is located in Late Ramprakash Sharma Yogi Ashram who came here 1970s and established his ashram for yoga and meditation. The benefits of studying at a yoga ashram is that the focus is completely on learning and growing in a spiritual and supportive environment.

You can join our Intensive Classical Hatha Yoga courses as well as Internationally recognized 200 Hour yoga teacher training courses taught by professional and experienced teachers.

Benefits of studying at a Yoga Ashram

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, similarly a great practitioner nurtures and blooms in an apt atmosphere.The facilities of an ashram are simple,clean,comfortable with modern touch.This offers you the possibility to experience traditional Indian culture with western luxurious lifestyle. Believing in this sychology,this stimulates the idea to keep the materials without attachment and still we can enjoy this mundane material world.

Mystical Yoga Centre-India



The accommodation for students consists of simple,bright,clean,comfortable moderan rooms.There are total 24 rooms divide into single and double shared accommodation.Every room is equipped with an attached toilet and bedrrom,beds,pillows,blankets,storage space,set of chairs and free wi-fi.


Yogashala (Yoga Hall)

Mystical Yoga Centre has one bright and spacious yogashalas(yoga Hall)


The yoga school has indoor and outdoor dining facilities.


Mystical yoga centre provides nutritious and healthy vegetarian meals three times a day. The meal consists of breakfast,lunch,dinner and herbal tea.Most of the vegetables,fruits and ingredients used in our kitchen come from local market.

Drinking Water

Safe RO and Uv filtered safe drinking water is available 24 hours a day at the centre free of cost.

Front Office

There is Front Office for registration,administration,co-ordination the yoga centre.You can also purchase there some small items like incense sticks,yoga mats,cushions etc.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the Ashram.

Doctor on –Call

In case of any emergency the MBBS Doctor is available 24 hrs. on call.