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Teachers Profile

Dr.Yogi Nareshnath. PhD.

Founder of the Mystical Yoga Centre Dr.Nareshnath Yogi has studied master and Natha and Tantra yoga from Dr.Harisingh Gaur university Sagar India under the guidance of famous Balyogi Umesh nathji from Ujjain. He started his job career as a Assistant professor in Jodhpur and presented many reasearch papers in national and international seminars and conferences and published a book in yoga names secrets of Natha yoga.
He came to khajuraho in 2011 and dramatic change happened in his life when he was meditating at night in Tantric 64 Shakti yogini temple where he first got a glimpse of Divine Mother.As a result he left his job and decided to stay in Khajuraho and to go more deep and to share his living experience with the seekers.

Hari Om Prakash Dabhekar

Om-prakashHari Om Prakash Dabhekar is from Pune (Maharashtra) and certified from Kevlya Dham Yoga Inst., Pune. After that for more asanas practice and anatomy which is the foundation of yoga. He joined 2001. BKS Iyengar Guruji Yoga Institution in Pune, taking asanas classes under Prashantji and Geetaji, which has been main source of my knowledge and understanding of yoga and how to use props to reach final pose. Even till now he goes to Iyengar Inst, for my self practice and focus on anatomy and physical science.
After having long experience he has written new and timely 1st, Edition on yoga postures and it,s benefits, The book name is (Yoga For Healthy Living). He is one of best teacher, he has vast Knowledge of Therapeutic yoga knowledge which he has acquired from Iyengar institute Pune. He has been associated with school for long time.


Yogi Shailesh Sharma is a Co-founder and Director of Mystical Yoga Centre Khajuraho.
With energetic passion, love and joy our teacher Yogi Shailesh Sharma has been sharing the Hatha and Tantra healing technology. He dedicated yoga practice since the very beginning of his aim as teacher is always to give students exactly what he or she needs at any given time, which has led him to learning as much as possible about different meditations, healing techniques and philosophical approaches. He studied at the Iyengar yoga institute for 5 years and received direct guidance from Yogi Ramprakash Sharma.

Erstin Linnartz (Karuna)

She has been doing Yoga for the last 17 years. Kerstin Linnartz spent many years here in India to deepen her own practices and teaching the students from across the world. Kerstin Linnartz is certified as an “Advanced Yoga Instructor” by Worldwide Yoga Alliance, for 500 hours standards for Registered Yoga School and commenced by Swami Kailasananda. She got diploma from “Yoga Vedanta Academy” in Rishikesh in addition to the title of “Yoga Acharya”. Moreover, she trained in the classical Hatha Yoga Anatomies with Acharya Swami Sivadasananda, at Ashtanga Yoga with Doctor Ron Steiner, did highly developed teachers training regarding Bandhas (energy lock) and Breathing and studied human Chakra System as well as Ayurveda, and Vedanta Philosophy. She studied Yoga Kriya during a year lecture after original scripture of Paramahansa Yogananda.
During the numerous years of her practice she got lots of inspirations from various teachers at the Yoga centers and ashrams in Europe, the USA, and India of course. Thus her teachings combine different elements from “system” Yoga- from the classical Hatha to a more active Ashtanga and she focuses not only on focusing on your body and not to narrow down the teachings to the meager “forms”.